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Nutrition has been little more than casual conversation in the health and medical fields until more recently. Our society is malnourished and actually starving for good and appropriate nutrition. I know this for a fact because I see it every day in my medical practice. In fact, as of this writing I have managed and delivered over 6,200 pregnancies. Most people donít realize that over two thirds of pregnant women are either overweight or obese. The amount of pregnancy complications that are increased and the number of overweight newborns as a result are equally shocking. These women need help not only to become healthier, but to reduce the pregnancy risks that are associated with excess weight. The other one third of pregnant women want to avoid unhealthy or excessive weight gain in the first place. Unfortunately, most people cannot see physically what is happening to them or they chose to ignore it until they have gained an excessive amount of weight. It is not a surprising fate given how much confusion and misinformation there is out there in regards to nutrition. It is very difficult for most of us to actually find nutritious food.

We are dedicated to stopping the confusion and correcting the misinformation. After researching and working in conjunction with other experts I have found the much needed answers to the ongoing nutrition and weight problem. In response, over the years I have put together a healthy nutritional program that not only works, but allows the unborn child to grow, and prevents the mother from gaining any unnecessary weight. In fact, the mother is close to her pre-pregnancy weight shortly after delivery. It is a healthy nutritional lifestyle that everyone in the family can follow. All of which I discuss in my book, Pregnancy 911- The Weight Is Over! Simultaneously, our website is dedicated to helping pregnant women and their families establish healthy nutritional lifestyles. Even better, get control of their nutrition, health, and weight.

I follow the same nutritional lifestyle that I recommend in my book. I have found that taking what I have learned and what I currently practice myself, and expanding that knowledge outside of my clinic and outside the hospital I can help countless others to become healthier. In doing so, hopefully instill a healthier nutritional lifestyle in generations to come. I challenge you to follow our program and make a difference! Our site has a link to our healthy nutritious products and a link to order my book. You will soon be able to find both in a major retailer near you.

In good health, Douglas Wood, MD.


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